What the Sunshine Is for Me

I’d been slightly troubled by something the night before. My hands broke into a mini sweat, and my heart rate went up. I prayed, and had peace, but my dreams that night were nevertheless troubled.

I didn’t know why I was afraid, exactly, but I prayed.

I looked up into the sky the next morning. The previous day, wet, heavy clouds painted the earth gray, a mixture of sleepiness and gloom. This morning, the sunshine broke out in clear breaks of blue. No sound. The morning brought the daytime washed from its former solemnity.

There was something nostalgic about it; I’d seen this kind of Maryland weather before, many a time over the years. There was something new about it too. It assured to me, without words, that the old is past, and that like the morning light, God’s mercies are new every morning, and are real.

The sunlight has for years not only assured me of this latter thing, but even of God Himself, according to the Bible. Romans 1 talks about how the reality of God is evident to everyone through Creation. My experience has proved this true. When I’ve been in far darker places than the tiny distress I felt recently, the bright sunshine startled me into remembering God’s sovereignty over my life, goodness, and love for me.