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About Me

Catherine Rohsner Inspired Christian Creative

I’m C.E. Rohsner (pronounced Rawz-ner), a Christian writer, artist, poet, and piano player in Maryland, USA. Of course, there’s a lot more to me than that, but you get the gist–I’m an artist, and this is my virtual arena of my creations. 

Welcome to my virtual arena!

Perhaps the best way to get to know me better is through the behind-the-scenes of how they came to be.

I write for fun; it’s a main part of my life. Also, creating things is just who I am. On an even deeper level, I hope to share the goodness of the LORD that I see in landscapes, in words, and in life. I hope that others can “taste and see that the LORD is good” while joining in all sorts of imaginative stories.

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The Bear Books: Childhood Game

I am an only child, and as an only child I would write stories for fun. I would also stay over at my cousins’ house in summer and Christmas time. I had a collection of teddy bears, and so did my youngest cousin. Together, they made one big bear family in my books.

I didn’t begin writing these books, however, until my aunt gave me a set of four blank books for my birthday (perhaps my 7th.) As I rode home from school on a spring afternoon, my dad sang something about a teddy bear picnic in passing. 

That sparked the idea for the first bear book ever of the first series. I wrote and illustrated the original versions of these books until I was in 5th grade.

The Oxborough Series: A New Adventure

It had been a while since I had written a book, at the end of 10th grade at a classical Christian school. I’d written most of another boarding school series with my cousin, but it had petered off. 

The last time I ever played make believe was when my best friend and I pretended to be mermaids named Venus and Virgo in a swimming pool, which ended up being a faint precursor to this series. 

As the preface of Fish Out of Water explains, I made up the characters and various events with my best friend and wrote the story. 

It was great fun, and the series only gets more epic as it goes!

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Portal to Japan: From a Joke to a Quest

This book (currently a work in progress), came to my mind when a coworker joked about our boss at the time about taking us abroad with him for our company lunch.

At the start of the 2020 lockdowns, I missed that lunch so much that I wrote a novel-length first draft in three months about twelve writers seeking their company lunch.

From there, it has formed into a theological, polemical work that is both a demonstration of the power of praise and an act of praise itself, all while intending to entertain.

About My Poetry

I was sitting in my college friend’s dorm down the hall from mine in my freshman year. I could write a poem about my crush, was her suggestion to me.

Four years later, I had written well over a hundred poems and was taking a Poetry course. I was a lot better, too.

I used to cringe at the idea of being called a poet, but now, I believe it is the highest form of literature to practice.

Recognition and Accolades:

  • Bruun 1000 Letters (2019)
  • You provided others and I can’t find them. Help me out.

About My Art

One of my first drawings might have been tornados in Sunday School. It was where any artistry I ever had started, and with the help of great teachers, including the late Lee Boynton for only one class, I was able to become the level that I am currently.

I paint watercolors of landscapes and still lifes and illustrate my own books.


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