Summary of The Writer’s Market 2019

Christmas is upon us! In less than a week! I don’t know about you, but I’m still in the rush of work . . . plus watching YouTube at home. Even so, I have just finished reading through the articles in The Writer’s Market 2019, which I borrowed from my local library. In it are listings of a ton of magazines and contests in the U.S. and beyond that many people likely would otherwise be unaware of, plus, a collection of great advice and insight into the writer (particularly author or freelance) world.

I want to just list some common themes I found. One is “do everything in love.” When you are looking for projects to do or working on projects or searching for a full-time job, do it with others in mind. You should be using your gifts and skills to build others up, not yourself.

Another is, “do not fear.” Don’t be afraid if you are just beginning and have no idea where to go (the writers in this book are just about to help you with that), or if you are facing something new in general. The task at hand is not so insurmountable! The reason you are reading on some topic in print or online is so you can learn from those who have paved that path already.

Regardless, I did get discouraged when I read the articles further on tackling issues that more grounded writers are facing, versus beginners like me, simply because I wasn’t able to implement those pieces of advice yet. That leads to a third theme:

Do not rush. Just like with mass production versus artisan crafts, it’s probably better if you take each action without haste, and with thought and care. Follow the directions, take that advice, think of others, and don’t be desperate.

And in the spirit of not being desperate or rushing, I hope you all take some time to rest this Christmas! Cheers!