We Are Marching in the Light of God

I used to be in a fellowship choir group called Koinonia Gospel Team while I was at college. I, in a way, still am, because the bond that forms in this group can last a lifetime and has done so for college students who came way before me. Through the rehashing of numerous hymns, traditional choir songs, and more gospel-style songs, there was always one we sang every year: Siyahamba. “Siyahamba ekukhanyeni kwenkos,” which translates from the Zulu into: “We are marching in the light of God.”

Projects are going well. A fresh art piece was born just in time before the scene was changed forever (the side of my neighbors’ house, just before they changed their siding.) Even a new piano arrangement is in the works (Perry the Platypus Theme Song Extended Version of course.) I’m just trying to work out the simple melody so far and have only got as far as “doobi doobi doo ba” x4 plus a jumbled mess trailing after it. I also know how Ch. 11 of this next book of mine is going to end. The momentum is building!

Yet even so, the greatest project of our lives too has its stresses, downfalls, even failures. Marching in the light of God is a moment-by-moment battle in a world that the Word of God predicts will only get harder before He returns. There are times, as humans, our sin and weaknesses and the troubles in this world seem overwhelming and bring “rot to the bones.” They don’t have to get the better of us. In Jesus’ name, no sin, no weariness, no thwarting of our lives will triumph. He is with us always, and has already won the battle. Nothing can stop us from being a vessel for God’s work (and that includes painting a tree.) We just need to press on. Our prize is heavenward!