Time Alone, Time Together

It has been a strange and eventful last few weeks. When you are constantly writing blog posts and posting them for a living, the speed of your mind and your fingers might slow down a bit after a while. Your eyes may start to grow weary. Your whole body wishes for a little more rest. Even your bottom is getting sore.

Oh, and what about the thing called life? I don’t know about you, but a hundred things might feel like they are whirring around you, tugging you one way or another, while you fight on to seize the day.

Time alone is such a wonderful thing, when you are silent, and no one else is in the room (not that I don’t like the company.) I think it’s the time alone, at least for me, that helps me re-calibrate and try to get a little better at keeping to my path.

I am so glad to say, too, that a new creative group–just the one I need–seems to be coming soon. Perhaps, is coming soon is a better way to say it. Informed by the book called Bandersnatch, the Eliot Society is a general Washington D.C. area group planning on fostering community for not just creative writers, but artists, musicians, and maybe more. I’ll get to think on and practice my writing and my art! Woohoo! I became connected to this future group through a couple at my church who are at least two of the founders, if not the only. It is nice to have found a group through a connection; but, you know, you don’t have to have connections to find the right place either (e.g., my job.)

Off to another day–looking forward to a day of good work, some company, some time alone, and time for art! Happy Thursday!