The Great Unknown

Yes, also known as “The Future.” I am a young woman who is about to graduate college, once finals roll on through, and I don’t have a solid expectation for where I shall end up working yet. There is no place where I know I will go to next; home is a starting point, a jumping pad, a spring board from which I can start my road to full independence . . . full womanhood, if you will.

A lot can happen in a few months. When I went into my senior year, I felt as if I was in a bus traveling at a steady speed cross-country from the eastern shore to the western shore, and once the bus reached the Pacific Ocean . . . well, it wasn’t going to stop. It was going to just keep on driving as if there was no water at all, and keep going, right through the Pacific, regardless of any of the creepy-crawlies living within or of the lack of solid ground on which to drive for thousands of miles around. Such was my metaphor for college vs. the rest of my life, or even perhaps, childhood and schooldays vs. adulthood. (The myth that college was full of adults was broken for me four years ago.)

I wish I could tell you all that happened that changed my perspective on graduating, but I cannot recount the details of what exactly happened to change me. It was a series of fortunate and unfortunate events over the course of my four years at college that have uplifted and refined me to keep going and growing, something that will never finish. Even when thirty-five years have passed between me and 2014-2018, I will still be on the road that my experiences–or rather, God through weaving the story of my life–have sent me: to become “perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” (James 1:4).