Updates and Projects

The Oxborough Series is one that has gone on draggingly for the past two years. My friend and I created a plot for the series and for the second book (which I still mainly refer to as Book 2), and the writing of it has continued! to eek out once every few nights or so. I was certain I could finish it within 6 months, and then a year, and now by the end of this year. But the distance between December 12 and December 31 leaves not much room to leave off. I know I can do this! Getting this done is definitely not a matter of feeling like writing. Who knows why something inside of me pushes against going forward, and yet something else forces me to continue?

This project is obviously going to take a long time to bring to completion. In the meantime, there are other things I can happily do. NEWS FLASH: I opened an Etsy shop like two weeks ago. Yes, yes I did. If you would like giclee prints of realistic watercolor paintings depicting obscure scenes from the Annapolis, Maryland area, or you just like pretty pictures, by all means, check out the shop here. It is just a way for me to share my artwork so that more people can enjoy it too. And of course, doe.

In other news, I’ve been working on a poetry submission for the Adelaide Literary Award 2019 Contest. When I wanted to share a certain poem with them, and then I got an email about this contest, I find no choice but to enter, so we’ll see what happens.

As I am editing this thing, it reminds me how difficult editing creative writing is. At least, how little I have practiced editing creative writing. I remembered editing a friend’s grad school application paper just a couple weeks ago and how we had felt the same way about that. “It’s like a puzzle,” I said. “It’s an enigma,” she said, and we laughed. Fitting words together to make them sound good, make sense, and capture the meaning efficiently is not easy. Well that’s a newsflash! Yet with practice, I’m sure it will come about, somehow. Happy writing and editing!