An Artist’s Humility

Can you imagine life without making something? Writing stories, painting, composing? If I ceased to write at all, even in a journal, there would be something severely wrong. I wouldn’t be me anymore.

I read an Instagram post by someone I knew from college recently. She was saying, it can be a huge step of courage to put yourself and your art out there, but it is an initiative every artist must make at some point. And more than that, it is vital that an artist let themselves to be who they are, to allow themselves to be themselves for a time, even if we are our own worst critics.

There is humility in recognizing where you are but continuing to be yourself as an artist, in where you “fail,” and where you do well. The work behind is just the first step and is not in vain. “There is ALWAYS a reason to do what you love,” she said.

I could go on with even more connections in my life, but at the moment, I am pressed to begin my work as a copywriter/blogger for the day. Sigh Til anon; let’s go forth in humility and the joy that comes with it!