Today’s the Day!

Today’s the day I’ve been long awaiting–I hope to get an email with the links to where my poems are published in Adelaide Literary Magazine. I’ve thought that perhaps this day might come, that no email would arrive, and then I’d email the next day inquiring into it, and then they’d email me back saying it was a mistake, they aren’t publishing my poems, or not respond at all. But I have not checked my email yet, and it won’t do to expect such a doleful outcome.

I’ve learned this week that I can expect good to come to me. I’ve been reminded that there is the one, true God who is trustworthy, who will fulfill all His promises, who is good beyond our understanding, and who loves me. Wow! The joy of the LORD is in ceasing to strive to earn your own merit/righteousness in the recognition that Jesus has taken your burden away through His life, death, and resurrection, and His arms are open to any who seek Him. I often have a haunting doubt whether I know Him or not, but I know that He is with me even so. Every day is another day to put off unbelief and put on God’s Word.

This week alone, I’ve been checked in my attitude as a minuscule, emerging author. As an author in this day and age (or any age, perhaps), one wants to become that great, world-famous author, that author with the name that rings with greatness. Your name is your brand these days, so make it one that rings “Reliable to produce fantastic, compelling works of art,” “A thing of beauty,” “A giant of the writing world!” Yet that is not what the Bible encourages us to strive for, although we may be made as great as that as a result.

Christians will face the hostility of the world; we will be the stench of death to those who are perishing, but the fragrance of life to those who are being saved. Our mission is to be lights in the world. The desire of our hearts should be for our name to make one want to follow our God, and to ring with the love of God.