Do Your Part

Walking into a bookstore may be one of the most intimidating actions an author can do. He or she enters, at once is confronted by a colorful display of titles everywhere, from side to side, from the front to the far back, and somehow, the little voice says, you’re supposed to stand out among all these, or you want to anyway.

With so many books in the world and an endless amount still to come, why even bother? Why even try to write a book that people might just like? I was so discouraged myself that I’ve written at least two poems that are basically hate mail to self regarding my striving to write a series. Get a real job! You’re not good at writing! Your so-called “talent” is nothing! It would be so much easier if you just let your burden go, and just work on getting a stable job. No one likes your book anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a stable, full-time job–the problem is, if I don’t write this . . . well, I have to write it! Logic.

As I’m plodding along little by little for Nanowrimo (Chapter 1 is just finished), the poems I have long awaited coming out on Adelaide Literary Magazine have finally come out,

and another poem of mine has been accepted into The One Thousand Love Letters project at Maryland Art Place.

Keep writing!