The Birth of a Writing Idea

I have never finished any writing project in my life, though the closest I have is Fish Out of Water. These days life is very busy, with a full-time job and a need for rest. However, there comes a time when a creative life sparks to life, and it is too good to pass over.

It was merely someone’s joke that awoke in me the idea of a portal to Japan. The moment it was typed, I hastily wrote down the ideas for the premise as they came to me in the following minutes. A plot line came out of my head, as well as through small happenings that had come before. It was a story with a premise and a plot. The conclusion is still obscure.

It took me several months to actually go ahead and write the first draft. In that time, however, I told friends about the idea, and from them I got two more ideas to integrate into the plot, either directly or indirectly. It was getting fuller.

It would have been much easier to write the first draft if I had done more planning for the overarching plot first, but at the time I didn’t completely know what that would be, and I still don’t. Writing some scenes was like slogging through a tough college final you didn’t study for. On the other hand, in writing this draft, I was beginning to let myself enjoy creative writing for the sake of it again, but that’s a different story.

This is just a small record of one measly artist’s creative writing, which may or may not be helpful or interesting for other creatives or whoever to see.

Happy Thursday and Happy early July 4th weekend!