I am so tired, and Thursday has snuck up to me already. There are dirty dishes in front of me, and I’m behind on my homework for today: reading for one class. I know I’m not going to finish it all in time. This weekend, I will not only have to catch up on late homework and do regular homework, but study for a test, prepare for a presentation, and start researching for a paper, amongst other things. Why can’t I just lie back down and take a day off!!? Enough complaining.

I was talking with someone yesterday who was telling me how stressed she was with college. She could never get a break and breathe. I tried to relieve her, but, as usual, whenever I say, “You’ll have time” or “It’ll get done” or “It’ll be fine” they all say “I hope so!” in a very unhopeful manner. I have no idea how not to get that reaction.

In any case, I can at least try to keep myself up by telling myself the truth. It will all be fine, even as my heart lies panting on the floor, even as I am confused or scared, even as others are troubled around me. Things may end badly–in failure–but it is all well even so.

It’s hard to know how to tell people the root of why they can relax in the midst of stress. I don’t want to preach to them, or assume they believe what I do. Should I just say straight, “You can trust that God will provide for you and care for you through every trial”? “He has made this day; rejoice in it”? “Even in the deepest failure or grief, God is good and good to you”? Whoever might read this tiny post, may you be able to receive the truth that is found when God is your Lord and Redeemer.