“Everything Will Be ‘Ça va.'”

(Ça va is French for okay.)

Anyway, today is the first day I’m home for a whole month called winter break. What exactly I’m writing, I’m not completely sure. I shall share with you a little something anyhow.

I am out of my first semester of senior year at college. Only one remains before I am done with school (unless, of course, I go to graduate school for something someday.) The last semester passed as a lengthy blur, summer, fall, and winter blending together swiftly. At moments, I try to remember what had happened over my three and a half years with some grasp on time, but three/four years ago seems just as recent as last month.

This semester included a tangle of cares for me to trace out, most of which were nothing to worry about at all. I didn’t lose an opportunity to fret, nevertheless. Paths were taken, sidled, avoided, or trudged-through–or–skipped down with joy. (I was happy to see a dude skipping back to his dorm in the night after finals–I’m not the only one!) Now I must rest and search for a job . . . oh, and in the meantime plan the outline for the next three books . . .

“Do you have any plans for this break?” people ask. I should be working, shouldn’t I? But I don’t have a job . . . or any job after graduation . . . “N-no,” I say. J’ai peur. (I have fear.)

People make mistakes. By that I mean that we make bad decisions, which lead to bad consequences, which can end us in a seemingly everlasting bad situation. Looking back, we might despair, be ashamed, or think ourselves as fools, like Sheldon looks:

“She isn’t an elf! She’s human!” Vivian interjected. “I room with her, so I should know.”

“Whatever,” Sheldon dismissed flatly. “I’m going to the library this afternoon to find out some stuff.”  ~Fish Out of Water

Yes, he did believe his classmate was an elf. What the consequences were, I must keep silent, but what we can know without reading the story is that he and the “elf” were both “ça va” at the end. Why? Because unlike distopias, this book shows that, knee-slappin’ cliché as it sounds, everything in life happens for a good reason beyond our understanding. Especially if Jesus is our Lord. We can trust the goodness of the story He’s writing, whatever road we take or have taken. “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people[a should be kept alive, as they are today.” ~Genesis 50:20