Motive for Art

Last week sometime, I don’t remember when, I heard someone mention that we should do everything for the glory of God. If we are not, then our actions stem from wrong motivations, and are ugly and fruitless. I thought of this blog, and wondered what my motives were for writing this. It isn’t like I have anything so wise to say at the climax of every Thursday morning, or am so mature in the faith that I spill over with wisdom and light all the time–never mind love.

Last Friday I stumbled upon a YouTube video that a friend of mine had made. It is a recording of him singing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” a cappella. It’s a simple recording, nothing fancy. A picture of the sunlight shining in shafts onto the earth is its cover. But, for all its simpleness, when I heard it, it struck me as deeply beautiful, for I know him and know very generally where he is in life. I was once in a similar situation. And he, as far as I can see, was making art from the soil of his life, beautiful art, that glorified God through the talent that he had and the content that he chose.

Thankfully, another friend of mine reminded me yesterday to pray without ceasing. It is easy to be discouraged, or feel alone, or let fear of the uncertain “get” to you. I question whether the other three books of my series will ever be written, or, dreaded thought, that I must abandon it and say there is no more to write in it; it’s dead. Currently it is pretty lifeless. Just another thing to take to God, so it might have life and/or a direction.