It’s Okay to Be an Artist

Whether you believe that people have talents or gifts, or that all their skills have been acquired solely through practice and discipline, some people choose to persevere into a career in which doing some kind of artistic activity is an absolute priority.

I am still in the job search for a full-time occupation . . . over a year after college . . . I recently applied to two jobs that are far below what I thought I could get, partially because I felt that since I have failed up to now to get any full time job using my skills in writing, I should try “lower,” like a door-to-door storm claim writer. I did not venture further with that past the application . . . it’s not what I should do.

Perhaps it’s confidence that’s key, along with the maturity to remember that whatever you do as an artist has no real competition–you alone can offer what you do, and everything you do has an interpretation of a common practice of its own. Rejoice in the person that you’ve been created to be!

And so, I can keep on with writing stories, writing poetry, writing whatever I can, and apply for jobs I know I am best trained in and thrive in.