Good Enough?

I will confess, I have never been content with the contents of my own self-published book. I created it with my best friend, who has since decided to use her time in other areas, and the book now stands in one of the millions of pages of Amazon.

I’ve never been someone who can naturally lead anything, so my entrepreneurial marketing skills fall rather short in spreading the “glories” of this book to the world. And how can anyone be attracted to a book about which the author herself is not enthusiastic or satisfied? Well, it is just one fairly quick read written by one 22-year-old. One should not expect the world, or to “change the world.”

Yet, perhaps in recognizing that one fragile human being cannot do much in and of himself is the key. If one doesn’t have that weight on his shoulders–to get an education, take pride in the self and the self’s accomplishments, and thence go forth and strive to become famous–then, perhaps one can really start to enjoy doing what he was created to do. To write, to play instruments, to sing, to build, to think: in the freedom that humility gives.

As for my co-created work, it has plenty of flaws. If you can make it past Chapter 4 or 5 you are a loyal and persevering reader. That’s when it gets good.