Dreaming Onward in 2021

¡Hola! If you haven’t noticed, the past year and a half has not been one necessarily of fulfilled hopes. Many have had hopes fulfilled, such as marriage, new jobs, new education opportunities, newborn children, etc., but others might tell a different story. A hope deferred makes the heart sick, and over time, it can begin to feel as if one should be more expectant of hope deferred rather than a happy ending. But one can still be joyful in everything and hope always abounds.

One can always dream, and if anything, one should keep their dreams. If they are put inside of you, they belong to you and you should claim them. If it turns out that something else arises, who knows, it could be even better than what you dreamt or thought of. And if it is, you would know.

Meanwhile, there is a time for planting and tending, a time when it seems you are simply just working the ground without enjoying any fruit. There’s a time when it seems you are in the dark, being faithful to what you feel you should do. This season might feel like it will never end, but the best policy is to keep going, little by little every day, if not more.

A dream I have is to create an interactive website someday. I thought it might be neat if someday, in the distant future, I might be able to have portals into the different worlds of different books or book series I would have published by then. My presence there would be very limited and I might be presented as just another character, albeit a real one. The website’s backgrounds and the portals to the books and the book covers would all be works of art. I want to immerse the visitor into worlds, not just say, “Here’s my book. Buy it.” We shall see.