Begin Again and Again

I’ve sat here for at least six minutes and I haven’t been quite sure what to say or where to start. It’s been over a year since I self-published the book I wrote with my friend Rachel, since August 27, 2017, to be exact, and nothing has happened. That really won’t do. A few new beginnings have occurred: for example, the general ideas for the following three books of the series, the first lines of the prologue for either Book 1 or Book 2, as well as my graduation from college and the coming-soon publication of five poems in Adelaide Literary Magazine.

However, the real beginning has yet to come, and I am wondering myself, if anyone else cares enough to have the same question, “When is she ever going to get something done, or started at least?” I think the best policy is to dedicate some daily time to locking myself up in my room to simply work on this project, even if that means continuing to brainstorm. Fish Out of Water needs another look under my dissatisfied eye, although I’m aware that it is an overall entertaining book. The rest of the story needs further solidifying . . . but it has to make sense with the first book too! Such is the dilemma.

Or perhaps I should work on it whenever and wherever–that is how the creator of the musical Hamilton went from only having written two songs over two years to writing anywhere and everywhere, from trains to his own study to wherever. The only way to pick up the pace is to will to do it.

If you don’t have enough motivation . . . well, is your story worth writing? It hasn’t been written yet, and you are the author, so you do have some say as to how it shall all turn out. Prayer also helps. Moreover, is writing worth your time, period? It is difficult to say whether the love for a story or the love of writing is a more powerful motivator, at least for me, but I believe the love of writing itself will not leave one lacking a story to tell that’s worth telling . . . if you succeed in finding it! With countless books that are excellently-written but horrible in content, I don’t know what to say. But even the ones that are horrible have a right to be there too. Onward and upward!