After the Deadline

It’s safe to say I don’t really know what I’m doing still, but still have a path to walk on. April 30th was a major date for me, as it was the due date for a painting contest, and subsequently for a couple other projects and coincidentally the last regular meeting for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) of the year.

How did I do on those goals? Haha! I finished that painting, but was too late to submit it into the contest by three hours. I have almost finished the beta reading job I was doing for the past couple months, still needing to send in a final review and see if I have any questions for my book’s beta reviewer. I gathered three beta readers total for my own book, but only two of the three finished the read. I hope nothing has gone too awry with that third reader (and my book.) I also wanted to finish writing Book 2; sadly I am a climax and resolution shy of finishing Chapter 10 of 17. *Sigh* So this is where my project progress stands.

But fear not! The following weeks shall still say, “On with more painting, on with more chapters, on with more figuring out what I’m doing with the first book and its series and the rest of my life and my career and my books and what I’m doing with myself!”

At some time in the near future, I hope to post a longer and more polished than usual article/essay on some serious factors of the makeup of the world I created in Fish Out of Water. The predicament is, at its base: is it possible to create Christian urban fantasy? Putting mythical creatures, even whimsical mermaids, into the real world can be a major problem to some for what I discovered to be very real reasons.

Beyond this, how should I go on with the Oxborough Series?