An Author’s Revelation on Marketing, and Other News

I am here (even though I meant to write this morning but totally forgot when I turned off my alarm)!

A few days ago, this starting-out author had a revelation. I’ve been blogging wrong.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that all the words I’ve written were worthless or even a waste of time. I’ve shared things I’ve learned from my English studies at college and my own thoughts on writing and life over the years. (Plus, some poetry and literary quotes!) However, I realized something that will definitely resonate with authors: author blogs are for readers, and writer blogs are for writers. Websites dedicated to selling books write to the audience who might want to read those books or are fans of them. Websites with content that talk about writing, marketing, publishing, etc. are for those interested in doing that themselves. It may seem blatantly obvious, but it is only now that this question I’ve had for years has been answered.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways this blog can improve, but one must start somewhere, with one revelation at a time. In any case, it will not affect this blog’s typical content. Rather, I intend to make a different website dedicated to my books and those who might be interested in mythical creatures, mythology, school stories, adventure, fantasy, children’s stories, and even perhaps world travel, despite me almost going nowhere ever. I will perhaps also move more of my updates on book research and new publications there. I hope to create this new author website soon, and am excited to begin.

Meanwhile, this website, Light of Delight, will continue to be for writers and artists of all kinds interested in contemplating the writer’s life and life in general as I do. People who want to stay tuned to my writing journey can likely continue to do so here.

In other news . . .

My 6-year-old HP Deskjet printer is broken, and I’m no handyman. Thus, I cannot print out my first draft manuscript. 🙁 I will be getting a new one soon.

I also think I discovered who my main villain is in this book. However, that’s a surprise.

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