Hello! Whoever you are . . .

Hello! Whoever you are–if you are a friend who knows me, or an acquaintance, or a stranger who’s washed up on this page–welcome! I’ve made this site for anyone who enjoys–well, life, I suppose. For anyone who likes fun, or whoever likes a laugh. Whoever likes to dabble in the deeper things in life. It will all be here.

I just self-published a book on Amazon through Createspace, called Fish Out of Water. It’s a fun, lighthearted novel of adventure, humor, romance, and mystery of a mythical sort. If you want a delightful read to peruse, as well as to meet some unique people, here’s a book for you.

I plan to post a new blog weekly, featuring writings and/or poetry of the above-mentioned characteristics. Life. Literature. Light. See you around!

Look up the book here