Brilliant Beams of Light

From my novel, Fish Out of Water, Chapter 1: How Things Got Started.

“Brilliant beams of light filled up the entirety of the vast, clear blue sky, beating down upon every possible inch of land and illuminating the crystal sea, its rays shining down as shafts of light into the green-blue waters. Nowhere else was it known that there was a more glorious, sun-drenched place.

Far out to sea, as far as the horizon reached, the creatures knew it all too well on this day. Among the fields of flowing, wind-whipped seaweed, rocky coral cliffs rising up and extending down to the depths, and sandy, barren plains, the swarms and schools of multi-colored fish darted in unison as the merpeople flew through them. This way and that, they made their way to their various destinations, weaving in and out of the traffic, through the crowds of sea life, and through the waving vegetation.

‘Excuse me!’ apologized one merlady after bumping into an eel, which hissed at her indignantly for doing so.

‘This way!’ called another mermaid to her dancing children.

‘Over here!’

‘Come along!’

‘Hey, wait a minute!’

‘Pardon me, you’ve dropped your spectacles,’ were among the many musical voices under the sea.

No merpeople present, however, were as joyful as two young mermaids who gaily twirled and shot across the sandy ocean floor away from the bustling crowd.”


This is the opening of Fish Out of Water, by Catherine Rohsner.

About six years ago, my friend Rachel, who helped with the ideas for the book, came up with music that could accompany different scenes or characters of the book. If this introduction were to have a sound, this music is the closest I have found: